Tarot Readings In Awesome Places

"There are no negative outcomes, only positive opportunities." - Albert Einstein

Discover Guidance

To be clear, the wisdom of the Tarot Deck isn't frozen in the Middle Ages. Whatever your question, the cards will guide us to a 21st Century response!

Discover Spirit

Re-Connect with your Spirit and the eternal flow of the Universe. See how you can simultaneously stop trying so hard and manifest your highest good.

Discover Excitement

Like a roll of the dice, a tarot reading is just as exciting for the skeptic as it is for the believer. Will I succeed? Is Love on the way? Discover some personalized excitement today!

Discover Passion

From Cesar & Cleopatra to Megan & Harry to you and who knows? Perhaps the most frequent yearning of humans, past and present, is the yearning for love & connection. After all, who among is a master? See how the Tarot can guide us on our path to True Love.

"Astrid is most Astridious. She imbues her readings with humor and grace."

Zak R. 2020

"Astrid, you were the perfect addition to our New Year's Party. Thanks for making everyone feel special!"

Lynda W. 2018

"This was Amazing! I can't wait to tell my family & friends all about you!"

Bridget P. 2020

"I definitely feel more comfortable and confident about my relationship now. Thanks to the Universe and you Astrid for the "aerial view."

Liz L. 2017