Meet Astrid

Tarot Readings In Awesome Places


It's important to know that Tarot readings are never a sealed fate handed over that we're helpless to change. Rather, Tarot readings are more of a magical uncovering of our own internal knowing. Rest assured that nobody, least of all Astrid, is capable of messing with your free will!

I've been reading Tarot Cards since the age of nine, and professionally, for the past seventeen years. An Ancient wisdom, that is surprisingly relevant to our modern lives, speaks through the cards, as we are led to fresh perspectives and possibilities for ourselves. I am not a psychic, but I do believe that every person receives a highly personal message from the Universe, through a Tarot reading.

I'm looking forward to meeting you. Let's turn your next visit or event into a uniquely magical and memorable experience that will leave you uplifted, inspired & definitely entertained. See you soon! XX


"I immediately felt comfortable and safe with Astrid. She's easy to talk to and by the end of the reading I felt like we'd known each other a long time."

Stephanie O. 2015

"I still can't believe how right-on Astrid's reading was. It really resonated with me and days later I'm still smiling about It."

Rebecca M. 2018

"Thanks to you, Astrid, it was a most memorable day in Wine Country. I'm excited for my future and returning home with greater confidence & enthusiasm. Thank you!"

Ariel B. 2018