Tarot Readings In Awesome Places

Prices Vary based on location & length of reading.

*Personal Readings:

...$70/30 minutes

...$120/60 minutes

*$25 travel fee added for destinations outside of Santa Rosa

*Parties are charged by the hour & include set-up time for Astrid. Length of individual readings depends on number of guests & host wishes. .........$150/hour

*ZOOM Tarot Readings - They work too!

...$55/30 min

...$100/60 min

*Hire Astrid for the day to add Magic to your Venue's Guest Experience! ...... $250 - $400/day.

"This was so fun! It was my first Tarot reading and I had no idea what to expect. Kinda blew my mind in a really good way."

Rob F. 2021

"I was totally skeptical but I have to admit the cards made sense. I have a new outlook on things and I'm grateful."

Martha B. 2019

"Astrid, you were so wonderful with all the girls. This was definitely a Sweet 16 our daughter and friends will remember happily for a long time."

Sylvia P. 2015